Captain Bones sketches

I have failed hugely with my blog so far, so this is my attempt at making more of an effort!

I’ve been working on roughs for ‘Captain Bones and the Mermaid Queen’. Its been a toughie but I am beginning to at last make headway. These are the first two spreads,showing just sections of them. I’ve done more than this- but I’m still tinkering..

Captain Bones 1

This is the first spread introducing Captain Bones and his motley crew on their shipwreck. The boxes at the top are where the text will go. The skeleton pirates were quite hard to characterise as a lot of character elements I would have added for a human pirate were not possible e.g earings and no ears! (but I managed to get them in anyway!)

Captain Bones 2

This is a section from the following spread. It shows the pirates off to gatecrash the mermaids party, Lazy Bones asleep in a barrel and Sid the Squid hiding in the shadows. I’ve tried to show the shipwreck as a cross section (without it looking naff!)

I tend to do quite detailed roughs as I don’t want the publishers to get any surprises  when they receive the artwork. I use concentrated watercolours and so its hard to make any changes once I’ve painted it-unless its a patch, which I’d rather not do unless I have to.



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6 responses to “Captain Bones sketches

  1. that’s interesting – the grey page fold bar in the middle of the illustration. How do you do that – do you fold it after you’ve gone a ways in to the illustration, or it is something you put on the paper at the beginning so you’re completely clear of the impact it’ll make on the finished work?

  2. mattlocke

    Hi Cait – that’s my fault actually! Holly draws and paints double-page spreads life-size on a single sheet, but we’ve only got a small scanner. The grey folds are an artefact from Picasa’s collage tool, as I haven’t got photoshop to do a seamless montage of the scans!

  3. Denise

    Matt, actually no HOLLY, (it’s your blog!) – it’s probably quite useful actually, it’s easy to leave a clear space where you know the gutter is going to fall, but seeing it looking more like a gutter gives you a much better impression of the final thing. I’ve got half a mind to fake one up while I’m finishing an illustration today.

  4. i so absolutely love the skully pirates! you are so talented…x

  5. hey holly
    i too love the skully pirates.
    lovely to see such wonderful roughs

    dont know if you remember me, but you did a bit of teaching at hull uni in 1998 when i was a third year in animation. i remember you showing me your amazing MA mr punch book you made and i found it all really inspiring. anyway, i have wandered from the world of animation to picture books too now and love it!

    great to see your list of books growing. keep up the good work missus!

    • hollyswainillustration

      Hello Leigh,
      Of course I remember you, super duper talent! I have just checked out your blog and its wonderful. So glad you still going stronger than ever. Me and my girls have had one of your books out of the library, very enjoyable.
      Really lovely to hear from you x

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