Christmas cards

I actually was organised this year and have made my own Christmas cards.  They were printed by moo who did a lovely job!

I’ve also found time in between Christmas shopping and reworking roughs to have had a bit of a play.  I bought some speedball rubber stamp block and printed some cards too.  I’d been wanting to have a go at using it for a while, and have got quite a few ideas  for how to incorporate it in my work. The snowflakes were a stamp that I bought.  Speedball was very easy to cut, much easier than lino, and I shall definitely be using it again.

Happy Christmas!



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3 responses to “Christmas cards

  1. Sarah Warburton

    ahh Christmassy. Thanks for the email my lovely. My computer has just eaten about 30 of my most recent emails and yours was one. Sorry to message you here. Can you mail me again? x

  2. Penny Marriott

    Hi Hol! Captain Bones looks fab! when is it out? How are you all? Matt hasn’t flickrd any new pics of u and the girls for a while which is how I keep up to date with their growing! (not stalking!) Can u believe the last time I saw you in person was when you were pregnant with Rose!! so is that 6 years – Time flys! Life is good, nothing new with me just plodding on in my own happy way! xxpenny

  3. Julie Raman

    Loving the return to the dip pen and watercolours! Lou x

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