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And the winner is…

Bear Competition Box Full

Thank you to all who entered my design a bear a jumper competition. I had some great entries

All Bear Entries

and loved the details that had gone into them. Some of my favourites were..

Top Bear Entries

Even More Bear Entries

and the runners up were..

Runners Up

Drum roll for the winner…

Winning Bear Entry

I loved this one for all its bright colours and the lovely heart. Top drawing Holly Stewart, age 5. Your bear will be on its way soon..


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Toot! Toot! Competition time…

I have set up a competition running in conjunction with my open house. All you have to do is either visit our open house, collect a card and draw your design; or download this PDF and print out your own bear. Scan or photograph your beautiful bear and then send it to me via email.

Either way, this little chap needs a jumper..

competition bear front

It is one entry per person, I need your name, age if under 12, and contact details. I won’t use any contact details you give me for anything other than this competition, and will delete all details after the competition.

The best entries will be displayed on my blog.

The WINNER will win a bear painted by me, wearing your very own jumper design. You have until June 1st 2015…

Good luck!

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Open House

Hello, its open house time and this year ‘The Bird House‘ has joined the West Hove trail.

We have a fine range of gifts and artwork, to suit every budget!

Leigh Hodgkinson beepbeep framed

Wonky Button ‘ABC 123 Beep Beep’

Chrissie Davies Horse Embroidery

Chrissie Davies ‘Delilah’ machine embroidery.

Helen Locke Brooklands PrintHelen Locke ‘Brooklands’ screenprint.

Monster colouring posterAnd me. Monster colouring in poster.

We’re open for the next two weekends, 11-5pm, and you can find out more info on the Bird House Hove website.

AND we have free cake!

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Snoring bear.

Here are  the two final Badger illustrations, so I’ve put them in order into the previous post.

Meanwhile its been back to the bears, without knitwear this time..

Girl and Bear 968 pixels

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I’m thrilled and delighted and oh so very very happy to announce that I am to be represented by the lovely Helen Mackenzie Smith of Bell Lomax Moreton.

For anything book related, you can contact her here.

Hurrah hurrah hurrah!

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The last Advents..

The last two, it’s nearly Christmas!!

Day 24.

Advent 24


Day 25.

Christmas Card 2013 web



Happy Christmas Everyone.

Thank you to everyone who has looked, commented, tweeted, re-tweeted, favourited.. it means a great deal and is very much appreciated. Here’s to a great 2014.

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Advent Calendar continued..


Here’s some more of the advent calendar I’ve been illustrating..

Day 13.

I wish..

Advent 13

Day 14.

Advent 14

Day 15.

Advent 15

Day 16.

Advent 16


Day 17.


Advent 17

Day 18.

Advent 18

Day 19.

Advent 19

Day 20.

Advent 20

Day 21.

It’s nearly here..

Advent 21

Day 22.

Advent 22

Day 23.

Advent 23



Hope you enjoy them!

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